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Rental Program

The services provided by Amelia Island Getaways (AIG) are considered state of the art within the vacation rental industry. We seek to offer every conceivable service to make renting your property as carefree as possible.


Marketing and Advertising

    • Website: We partner with one of the top website consulting agencies to produce an exciting website that will motivate the potential guest to book as a result of easy navigation, inspiring photos, and robust compelling information such as island attractions. Our goal is to provide potential guests with an informative user friendly website to encourage them to return repeatedly in their quest for vacation properties.  Our website has the capability to allow a guest to reserve a property online offering potential guests the most hassle free method for booking a vacation. Additionally, we provide a wealth of information about the island including island events, island activities, and the island’s beach rules and regulations.
    • Advertising Sites: In order to give your property maximum internet exposure, our properties are listed on various frequently visited property advertising websites.


Owner Support Services

AIG seeks to offer exceptional support to our property owners by committing to the following services.

    • Maximizing rental income according to the owner’s goals for the property
    • Offering a competitive, low commission structure to reduce costs
    • Providing exceptional care, maintenance and protection for your property
    • Determining the appropriate marketing plan to meet owners’ goals and needs
    • Photographing the owner’s property and developing an attractive website presentation for the property
    • Producing a monthly owner’s statement of all revenues and expenses including copies of all non reoccurring invoices
    • Offering a rental program where outside vendor invoices are processed without a mark up by Amelia Island Getaways to help control owners’ costs (Many rental companies mark up vendor invoices)
    • Providing an opportunity for automatic direct deposit of rental funds into owner checking account
    • Paying bills associated with recurring vendor support services free of charge
    • Seeking reputable vendors for property maintenance including comparing quotes for best price
    • Coordinating deliveries of furniture, appliances, and services such as cable, phone, internet, and electric
    • Offering feedback to owners on the status of their property including suggestions for upgrades and improvements
    • Collecting all guest taxes due and paying required state and local taxes
    • Producing a year end 1099 form for owner verification and eventual filing to the IRS
    • Coordinating all cleaning services for the property including departure cleans and an annual deep clean
    • Securing security passes if applicable for certain properties
    • Providing the owner with detailed reservation data and owner statement information via our advanced website
    • Coordinating with real estate agents for property viewing by prospective buyers


Property Services

AIG is committed to assuring your property’s readiness for guests through the highest level of diligent service.

    • Inspection of all properties before a guest arrives and following their departure
    • Periodic inspection of properties during times of property vacancy
    • Establishing and maintaining exceptional property set up to accommodate rental guests such as appropriate inventories of kitchen supplies
    • Inspection and suggestions for maintaining security and limiting property damage
    • Assuring TV and internet services are functioning properly
    • Securing property in case of a hurricane when time permits


Reservation and Guest Support Services

AIG will handle all guest inquiries with the upmost courtesy and professionalism. We will fully inform guests of all procedures to ensure a problem free vacation.

    • Receive reservation inquiries and market your property to potential guests
    • Secure deposits, credit card and contact information, and explain cancellation policies to the guests
    • Provide rental contracts to the guests in a timely manner with detailed instructions for their completion
    • Process all payments, provide guests receipts, and maintain communication with rental guests
    • Assemble check in packages for arriving guests desiring office pick up
    • During the course of their stay, guests may have additional questions or issues that we will always be available to resolve in a timely manner
    • We provide an after hours phone number where guests can reach a staff member 24/7 every day of the year that can address most, if not all, situations


We would love the opportunity to further discuss our rental program with you and give you a copy of our “New Owner Prospectus”,  an in depth guide to our property management program.